MV Auto® - Key To Building Energy Performance Management

How does MV Auto® work: The MV Auto PC collects the 15 minute interval data from the Building Automation Control system (BAS) and stores it into a database.

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Energy Analysis

MV Auto’s ground-breaking technology allows building owners to analyze the energy utilization efficiency of the buildings in their portfolio, based on measured ... Energy Analysis


Developed to meet the requirements of IPMVP Option D and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2002, our measurement and verification automation technology MV Auto® ... Seamless


MV Auto® system can be implemented in any non-residential building: with or without a building automation control system. An interactive dashboard monitor... Accessible


CleanTech Open

MV Automation Inc. was selected as a semifinalist in the 2013 CleanTech Open. The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest cleantech accelerator. Its mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges... Learn More


Utilities Incentive

Building energy efficiency is a key in keeping our electric systems in balance - you can either add supply resources or reduce customer demand. Utilities, regulators, and policymakers have come to realize that it is far cheaper to reduce demand through energy efficiency programs than it is to construct, fuel, and operate additional electric... Learn More


High Tech Middle North County Facility

September 2012

Recently completed, High Tech Middle North County is the newest and most energy efficient school in the growing High Tech High (HTH) portfolio. This LEED Platinum project was constructed at an amazingly low cost while achieving many of the... Learn More